Month: January 2018

  • Know Before You Go: The Gut Doctor Edition
    Hello again! This post is a bit of a collection of my own experience, experiences I have discussed and heard from others, and general tips for those of you suffering from any stomach related ailments thinking about, or planning on going to the doctor. This post is simply tips from my experiences and is
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  • 3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Gym Time
    Hello everyone! Today’s blog is all about something I hear quite frequently: “I don’t have time to go to the gym”. This may not be a popular opinion, but I’m telling you now, it’s not about the time you have, it’s about how you prioritize that time. If you have time for some Netflix, you have time for
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  • The Kitchen Transformation
    Hello everyone! I have a special, and scary, post for you today. I’ve talked a little bit on here about my recent home purchase. I live in a home built in the 60s which means it has some interesting quirks to it. The previous owner left it in less than desirable condition which has left us with
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  • Job Dissatisfaction
    We’ve all been there. It’s not the norm to jump in to the job market and be 100% satisfied and fulfilled with your first job. That’s the whole reason people change jobs in the first place. Let me start this off by saying I completely understand that job dissatisfaction can be seen as a “first world
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  • A Fun Surprise
    My husband is the type that likes to surprise me. I’ve often come home and something is different. Art is hung, the dishes are done, or there’s flowers and a nice note. Since we have been renovating our home, there have been little surprises all along the way.   Larger renovations take time (and
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  • The Yard Renovation Chronicles: Phase 1
    Hello everyone!   I honestly didn’t think I was going to have a productive Saturday since I slept in until 11:00am. I usually try not to sleep in too late so that I can get back on track during the work week easier, but my I really needed the rest. Despite waking up late, my husband and I
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  • 5 Tips for Getting Your Sleepy Self Ready Faster
    Hey everyone! It’s finally Friday, which means no more getting up early to go to work for the next two days. As a long commuter, I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about that. My commute is approximately an hour each way, which ends up being two hours per day. Truth be told, my days of making
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  • Saying “No”
    Hello everyone! While we are all busy running around making our New Years resolutions to do this and that, join this club, start this thing, etc., I want to remind you of the option to say “no”.   Yes, you heard me. Say “no”. You don’t have to say “no” to everything, but remember the option is
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  • I Cut Off My Hair (and you can, too!)
    I recently underwent a big change. Actually, I underwent several, major life changes, but we’re just talking about hair here (sort of).   Long hair is often prized. I see it in magainzes, TV, and on just about every Instagram-model-on-the-beach picture. Many people don’t believe women can look
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  • I️ made it to spin again! I️ haven’t really made up my mind on this workout yet. It’s really great and I️ dislike cardio but I️ can do this, AND I️ feel great after. We’ll see if it lasts! Have you ever stopped doing a sport or workout before? I️ used to do actual cycling (outdoors) but I️ honestly didn’t like it! 🚲 Not every sport or workout is the right fit for everyone. Find what works for you and your body. 🍋
  • Look what came in the mail! Such a nice Valentines Day surprise! Jewelry from @magnolia that matches my wedding ring. ❤️ Sorry it’s been a little quiet on this end, but we’re working on a fun (and exhausting!!) house project that is almost ready for a reveal! 🏡
  • The wonderful @lifeaccordingtosara has used her business expertise to pass along some tips for interviewing and building your resume! If you’re thinking about or ready to take those next steps in your career, check out the blog! Link in bio. 🍋
  • I️ just saw these in the store tonight for the first time and I️ am so excited! These @kerrygoldusa cheese wedges are delicious and super convenient. I️ eat these straight or with apples (I’m not much of a cracker girl). What kind of cheese do you like to snack on? 🧀
  • Out in the yard working on projects again! What could we be doing...?
  • Our go-to meal at home is some variation of chicken, rice, and veggies. It’s quick, cheap, filling, and comforting. We use a lot of chicken thighs as they are a much more flavorful alternative to chicken breasts! What’s your go-to easy meal? 🍋
  • Yard work is a workout! When I️ do yard work with my watch, I️ set it on “mixed cardio”. I️ really do get my heart rate up past 150 quite often! This was all mowing, raking, and shoveling (and it’s still not done). Hopefully we’ll be doing some planting and renovating soon! What’s your favorite part of your backyard? 🍋 Would you be interested in seeing a yard tour? 🍋
  • If you’re having any trouble getting a quality sleep, head over to the blog! I’ve gathered up five tips to help you improve your quality of sleep. Happy dreaming! 🍋 link in bio.
  • Just petting my wonderfully destructive pup and color coordinating with my couch. I’m looking forward to my 3 day weekend to work on projects and spend time with this girl! What are your big plans this weekend? 🍋

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